In programming, the hard part isn't solving problems, but deciding what problems to solve. Learning to code is learning to create and innovate.

Name: Mwamuzi Shadrick

Profile: Backend Developer


Phone: +4748616397


Cisco Packet Tracer - Networking Simulation Tool 45%
Virtualbox / Pfsence 50%
Python & Django 61%
Jira Atlassian / Git /GitHub 54%
MYSQL/Postgres 55%
Windows Server 2019 50%
Javascript/Nodejs 60%
React 49%
Digital Ocean 50%
About me

I'm a 24-year-old student at NOROFF, focusing on the Backend side.


I use various technologies for both the frontend and backend development. For the backend, I work with tools such as Django, Python, JavaScript libraries, and Node.js packages. On the frontend side, I use HTML, CSS, EJS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript libraries like React. To manage code and collaborate with teammates efficiently, I rely on Git, Jira, Confluence, and Github. For authentication, I use Auth0, JWT, and email verification methods. To build APIs, I use Express and Django rest framework. For testing, I use Selenium to automate tasks and Jest. I have tested Azure, but for now i use Digital Ocean for deployment.I also like to play with openAPI. 

During my time at NOROFF, I've learned backend development and used project management tools like Jira. My grades are good, and I'm eager to keep learning and staying updated on new tech and best practices.

I'm confident in my ability to help development teams with technical design and implementation. I'm creative, responsible, and a good team player.

I can communicate in both Norwegian and English, which is a plus in a multilingual workplace. I'm excited to grow as a backend developer and take on new challenges in the field.

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Check below some services you are to expect from me


Web and backend development using Python, Django, MySQL, Postgres, Express, HTML, Bootstrap, APIs, CSS, JavaScript, Jira, Git, and GitHub to build user-friendly web applications.


Can build, test, and optimize APIs using Express, Sequelize, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, and Postman. Can design scalable API architectures and integrate APIs with other systems.


Web scraping is an automated method of extracting large amounts of unstructured data from websites and converting it into structured data for various applications.

Data Conversion

Get your files converted to a variety of formats - including PDF, Word, HTML, images, videos, and audio - with clear and logical information presentation.


Below are the project that have been complete


Below are som ofthe project that have been complete

Backend Developer

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Backend Developer

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Backend Developer

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